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This is a roleplay site, where we encourage original plots, characters, & story-driven roleplays. Be sure to read & follow all GUIDELINES of the site, & if you have any questions feel free to contact any one of our staff. Play well, & have fun! New to the site? Welcome, first of all, second here’s a good way to get started; decide what kind of page you want to be, a single or group page, or possibly both. Pick out a name, and face to match, and start making some friends. Share your character’s story, be a super hero or a heart breaker, it’s up to you. Need more help check out some of our resources.

Research and Development
We want to update the resource section of the main page. Apply to have your link placed on the main page send a message to Jac (Comment or Private Message) with your link and the service you provide to members. This includes: Page Editing, Themes, Character Help, or anything in this Category.
Current Theme Role Plays:
Wanna start a theme role play in our forum group, let us advertise it on the main page. Tell us if you need people to join, or just want an easy to find link on the main page. (Message Jac)
Featured Stories
We would like to support or creative members more, so if you have a story up in the official writing group, let us show it off here on the main page, by sending Jac a link!




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New year, same city. We're so happy to have you all here to ring in this new year with us!

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