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As of the 8th we have officially become City of Misfits! This is a friendly reminder, that all your links on your page, may need to be changed, be sure to update you information so you don't run into problems! -Mayor Jac

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Starting February 22th, we will be starting to issue warnings and taking action with members who are not following our guidelines, so if you haven't already, please go and read the new guidelines of the site and make sure you are following them before the 16th. Thank you -Mayor Jac .

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 Join in on the fun, we have new games opening all the time. Take part of the fun, and show off your skills in the game box. 

Every month we will be featuring a member of the site, for their excellence. Our featured members will be members we see participating the most and over all making our site a great place to be! Have a suggestion submit it to Jac.

New to the site? Welcome, first of all, second here’s a good way to get started; decide what kind of page you want to be, a single or group page, or possibly both. Pick out a name, and face to match, and start making some friends. Share your character’s story, be a super hero or a heart breaker, it’s up to you. Need more help check out some of our resources.

The City Of Misfits
Welcome to the City of Misfits, formerly known as Wolfpack. The same site, same amazing members, but with some new life in it. This is a role play site, where we encourage original plots and characters, as well as story themed role plays. Be sure to read and follow all guidelines of our site, and if you find you have any questions feel free to contact anyone on the staff. Play well, and have fun.






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