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Welcome, first of all, second here’s a good way to get started; decide what kind of page you want to be, a single or group page, or possibly both. Pick out a name, and face to match, and start making some friends. Share your character’s story, be a super hero or a heart breaker, it’s up to you. Need more help check out some of our resources.
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Hey Misfits Happy New Year!  Here's to making the best of 2019 ♥ This month we will be having a couple changes starting with new member statuses, as you have probably noticed no one has an "Active" banner anymore. We will be using a new method to keep track of activity in the new year. You will find more on this in the Activity Check Group, or in Guidelines. We will also have Hiatus status as well as an Inactive Status and those will be explained in the absence group. We hope you bare with us through this change and we hope it helps everyone enjoy the site just a little bit more.  

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